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  • Yesterday was Cesar and I's first visit at Integrative Animal Hospital of Central Florida. I decided to give them a chance when I became repeatedly and increasingly disappointed with other veterinary clinics in the area, who I felt were always in a rush and not truly focused on Cesar and his individual health issues. I found out he was dealing with arthritis in his spine and potential hip dysplasia so I was searching for a veterinarian who specialized in orthopedics for dogs. A Google search returned Integrative Animal Hospital and before I knew it I was on the phone with Connie, who was the sweetest and most patient receptionist I have ever talked to! I felt like I was finally being heard and could tell she already showed great interest in Cesar's care. She recommended that I do a holistic consult, and yesterday was our appointment day. Dr. Taylor and the technicians (Jennifer and another tech in training) who took care of Cesar were wonderful. He's a very big, strong dog and I felt like they fell in love with him. He got all sorts of love and was actually looking forward to going to the back to do his exam and treatments. At no point did I feel rushed, or like I was being an inconvenience. After Dr. Taylor did her exam, she picked up on a lot of the things I had noticed about my Cesar and some of the issues he has been experiencing. She seemed to be very cognizant of his situation and everything I was telling her. Again, I finally felt heard and like I met someone who cared about what I had to say and not just their initial impressions. Dr. Taylor went over a lot of information with me and was very patient in answering any questions I had. She was very knowledgeable and offered honest and realistic advice. At no point did I feel pressured to pay for any particular product or service. All of my options and potential avenues were laid out for me in order for me to make the best decision for Cesar. While I didn't get the best news about his condition, I did feel better leaving, because I knew we had a game plan in place and that I could reach out with any follow up questions I may have. I forgot to add, just before leaving Cesar and I got a visit from a familiar name, Connie! The receptionist who scheduled our appointment a couple of weeks ago came into the room to personally introduce herself and I thought that was such a nice gesture. I am looking forward to Cesar's continued care and progress with this clinic.


  • I came here with my rat Fetta. Shes my best friend but most vets wont see her. This is one of two places that I've found that will treat rats and they made it a point to get her in right away. She was treated as any other pet should be and the nurses all gave her tons of attention which made the trip a whole lot less stressful for her. They treated her quickly and explained everything that they where doing. I will definitely be back. I have 4 other babies and likely will be rescuing a few more.

    jordan tews

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