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Years in Existence

Our Clients Love Us!

  • The team is so friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Integrative Animal Hospital for and excellent veterinary experience!
    Adam Roth
  • They where very helpful and sympathetic with us as we laid my daughters dog to rest.
    Eileen Kozuch
  • We have been seeing the same vet in Sanford for years. One day I went to Publix and it looked like they were gone. He moved away without giving any notice. As I watched Integrative be built, I had a good feeling about them. I have a 3 pound yorkie . She became a service dog, everyone stopped to take pictures of her. People said, Look at that puppy. I told them she is 16. We had our ups and downs to keep her healthy. I trusted all the docs there. But soon Mandy was not seeing well and couldn't here much. She was having so much pain, but I always thought she would live forever. I brought her in to see Dr. Anthony.She sat on the floor and cried with me and told me what she went through with her dog. It was time to put Mandy out of pain and she gave her so much love and care. I lost mandy 3 weeks ago. I miss her and Dr. Anthony so much. She started as her vet but became a loving friend.
    Cindi K.