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Senior Pet Care

Senior Pet Care

Does it seem like yesterday that your pet was a playful, energetic puppy or frisky, inquisitive kitten? If your pet has reached the age of seven or eight, it is likely they have become a “senior petizen”.  Like you, your pet’s medical needs change as he or she grows older and, due to advancements in medical care, pets are living longer than they ever have before.

At Integrative Animal Hospital of Central Florida, we have developed a comprehensive senior wellness program for pets entering their “senior” years. Bi-annual exams, blood, urine and parasite testing plus other diagnostic tools (such as chest x-ray, ultrasound, blood pressure monitoring and eye pressure testing) can help identify potential health risks before they develop into a chronic illness or become difficult to treat. Our veterinarians and staff work with you and your family to develop a senior wellness plan tailored specifically for your pet that takes into account your pet’s unique needs and lifestyle.

Preventive dental care can add 2-4 years to the life of your pet. Dental exams, professional cleanings, and at-home dental care will keep your pet healthier and free of mouth pain.

Alternative therapies such as acupuncture, therapeutic laser, specially formulated nutrition plans, chiropractic care and Chinese herbs can help your pet regain his energy, feel less pain from arthritis, and become a much healthier senior pet.

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