Integrative Animal Hospital of Central Florida

General Surgery

General Surgery

Integrative Animal Hospital of Central Florida’s skilled surgical team is capable of providing many safe surgical procedures for your pet in our state-of-the-art surgical suite. We perform most types of general, orthopedic, and oral surgery, including:

  • Soft tissue/general surgery (for example, growth removal,)
  • Orthopedic surgery (for example, ACL repair, fracture repair)
  • Emergency surgery (laceration repair, wound repair, foreign object removal, emergency orthopedic surgery such as fracture repair)
  • Dental surgery, extractions
  • External eye surgery
  • Advanced tumor surgeries
  • Soft tissue reconstruction
  • Bone fracture repair
  • Femoral head ostectomy
  • Luxating patella repair
  • Conventional spays and neuters
  • Foreign body and gastrointestinal
  • Eyelid and pedicle flap
  • Portacaval shunt
  • Perineal urethrostomy
  • Cardiovascular
  • Maxillofacial
  • Stenotic nares
  • Splenectomy
  • Cystotomy

We offer advanced surgical techniques, including laparoscopic surgery. The smaller incision used with laparoscopic surgery means less pain for your pet, less swelling, and a quicker recovery. For more information about laparoscopic surgery, please visit our Laparoscopic Procedures page.

Prior to surgery, all pets are carefully screened through an exam and pre-surgical blood work, and anesthetics are specifically tailored to your pet. We recommend pre-surgical blood work so we can evaluate your pet’s kidney, liver and heart function prior to undergoing anesthesia.

At Integrative Animal Hospital of Central Florida, we take your pet’s pain very seriously and utilize a multi-modal approach to pain management. We offer pain medication before, during and after your pet’s procedure to maximize the comfort of your pet.

If you have any questions about the types of surgery we offer at Integrative Animal Hospital of Central Florida, please give us a call at 407-833-8868.