Integrative Animal Hospital of Central Florida

Adult Pet Care

Adult Pet Care

At the Integrative Animal Hospital of Central Florida we believe that regular veterinary care is a foundation for a healthy, happy, long-lived dog or cat. Pets age faster than humans and major health changes can occur in a short period of time. Many diseases are prevented or treated before irreversible changes through regular exams, the judicious use of vaccines, flea and tick preventatives, and good dental care.

Our adult pet wellness care includes:

  • Regular Exams. Semiannual physical examinations to help us prevent, diagnose, or treat medical problems before they become life-threatening to your pet. These exams provide us with an opportunity to examine your pet and offers you an opportunity to discuss your dog’s health needs with one of our veterinarians. Everything from dental care, arthritis, nutrition, behavioral changes, lifestyle changes or any questions and concerns you may have are encouraged.
  • Professional Dental Care.  Our semiannual exam also includes a dental evaluation for your pet.  Dental disease is one of the most prevalent diseases found in pets today. Dental care is very important, especially to our older animals. This screening often prevents mouth pain and infections that can affect your pet’s overall health. For more information about the dental care offered at Integrative Animal Hospital of Central Florida, please visit our dental care page.
  • Vaccinations. The judicious use of vaccines based on your pet’s individual needs keeps your pet safe from preventable diseases should they be exposed to it. For more information about vaccines, please visit our vaccines page.
  • Flea and Tick Control. Fleas and ticks are capable of causing significant skin irritation in both dogs and cats. Beyond discomfort and itching, these blood-sucking parasites can transmit a host of diseases to your dog or cat and to their humans. For more information about flea, tick and parasite prevention, please visit our parasite prevention page.
  • Weight and Nutrition Counseling. We monitor your animal’s weight so we can recommend modifications in diet or exercise if needed. During the semiannual wellness exam, we may discuss your pet’s nutritional needs and weight management guidelines with you. Healthy body weight is important for your dog or cat to have a long and active life.
  • General Veterinary Medicine. Should your pet be showing signs of illness, we will utilize our extensive, in-house diagnostic tools to aid us in diagnosing the cause of your pet’s illness. We have the knowledge, experience, and facility to perform most surgical procedures your pet may need and can provide both traditional and alternative medical care for pets with chronic conditions such as kidney or liver disease.

If we can help with your pet’s heath concerns in any way, please give us a call at 407-833-8868.