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Pet Health Articles

Check out the incredible, educational articles written by one of our very own Integrative Animal Hospital of Central Florida team members!
The late Dr. Albert Núñez was a champion of innovative animal care, and his passion, expertise, and vast knowledge served as an invaluable gift to the pet population of the Orlando, Florida area.
Topics covered by Dr. Núñez include:

Nutrition for Both Cats and Dogs

The truth about animal nutrition is not cut and dry! As a holistic practitioner I have seen many animals do well and thrive on cooked foods very similar to human diets.

A Veterinarian’s True Story

It comes to us as no surprise that nutrition plays a very important role in heatlh. Thousands of years ago ancient physicians already knew that “your food should be your medicine.”

Faith, Intention, Healing

Whether person or pooch, we’re all occasionally confronted with health challenges and we naturally seek out multiple methodologies to relieve our pets’ and our own pain and suffering. Most western people rely on standard allopathic medicine for treatment for themselves and their pets – white coats, x-rays, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and all sorts of chemical treatments.

Hypothermia Therapy

I usually delve into metaphysical issues but today I would like to help bridge the metaphysical with the Physical. There have been many recent developments in physics lately, one of which I strongly believe will Revolutionize modern medicine.

Back to School Season Affects Pets Too

As children head back to school, pets can be affected in all sorts of ways. Here are some tips for helping your pet adjust to changes in the family routine.

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