Allergies in Pets

Dogs and cats are prone to allergies, too. Allergies, skin problems and excessive scratching can make your pet miserable and coping with their skin issues can be frustrating for their owners.  Symptoms of allergic hypersensitivity in dogs and cats include redness, itching recurring skin/ear infections and hair loss.  The most common causes of chronic itching fall into two groups:  allergies and external parasites.

The major types of pet allergies are food allergy, flea hypersensitivity (a response to flea saliva), and atopic dermatitis.  With a food allergy, pets can develop hypersensitivity to specific components of the diet.  Atopic dermatitis is an inherited predisposition to allergies associated with pollens, house dust mites or mold spores.  Special allergy testing may be required if your pet suffers from atopic dermatitis.  External parasites such as fleas, lice or mites, often cause skin problems in pets.

We will work closely with you to diagnose, treat and monitor any skin, ear, nail or foot problem your pet may have.  We are here to help your pet with problems such as diseases of the skin, ear infections or immune-mediated problems.  We have many treatments that can help or eliminate the cause of your pet’s allergies and skin problems, which in turn alleviate scratching.

Please give us a call if your dog or cat is scratching or you suspect your pet may have an ear infection.