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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine
Ancient herbal knowledge and energy medicine are put to use daily to help sick pets, and we’ve seen many of our patients do very well on natural medicine. We offer herbal medicine–also known as botanical medicine–which is the use of plants or plant derivatives with active therapeutic properties as therapeutic agents.

Many people are familiar with the benefits of some herbs: chamomile in tea is calming, eucalyptus helps a stuffy nose, etc. However, herbal therapies have been developed for the management of almost all conditions, including epilepsy, chronic kidney failure, chronic lameness, hormonal disorders, behavioral disorders, allergic skin disease, liver failure, and inflammatory bowel disease. Other herbs may simply support the normal function of healthy organs by acting as “tonics.”

Using whole plants or their extracts may produce improved outcomes and fewer side effects. Herbal therapies can help boost your pet’s immune system, relieve pain, prevent and fight infections, reduce inflammation, inhibit tumor growth, and relieve cancer therapy side-effects. When properly prescribed and administered, they generally have fewer adverse side effects than traditional drug therapies.

Chinese Herbal Treatment

At Integrative Animal Hospital of Central Florida herbal therapy may only be administered after an accurate assessment has been made by our properly trained, licensed veterinarian. Our comprehensive herbal treatments involve a thorough history and physical examination, followed by a patient assessment and the formulation of a treatment plan.

If you would like further information about herbal therapy and whether it would help your dog or cat, please contact us at Integrative Animal Hospital of Central Florida, in Sanford, FL, we would love to help take care of your pets. Call us today at (407) 833-8868, to schedule an appointment.